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vb. (standard spelling of from=Non-Oxford British spelling lang=en vulcanize)

  1. v. undergo vulcanization; "vulcanize rubber" [syn: vulcanize]

  2. subject to vulcanization; "vulcanized rubber" [syn: vulcanize]

Usage examples of "vulcanise".

In it he placed a round disc of vulcanised rubber, with insulated wires leading down back of the baseboard, then out underneath it, and under the carpet.

He unwrapped a little package and took out a round, flat disc-like thing of black vulcanised rubber.

I stripped off my overcoat, snapped the vulcanised neck and wrist cuffs of the tanned twill and rubber suit I was wearing beneath it, slipped an oxygen apparatus over my shoulders, tightened the straps, took the nose and eye piece in one hand and coat, pants and hat under the other arm and stepped gingerly over the side into the rubber raft the crew had already slipped over the side.

Holding the heavy vulcanised rubber cylinder above her head, ready to use it as a club if she had to.

He must have done a good deal of vulcanising of his own rubber, you know.