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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vulcanian \Vul*ca"ni*an\, a. [L. Vulcanius.]

  1. Of or pertaining to Vulcan; made by Vulcan; hence, of or pertaining to works in iron or other metals.

    Ingenious allusions to the Vulcanian panoply which Achilles lent to his feebler friend.

  2. (Geol.) Volcanic.

Usage examples of "vulcanian".

Spock had taken note of his own high visibility within the conference, the nods and glances from many of the attendants--the three most likely reasons being his heritage, his past receipt of a Vulcanian science award, and his singular position in Starfleet.

Taking place in a basement aglow with blow torches used by Vulcanian figures wearing goggles and black aprons, the class stirred in Sybil memories of Willow Corners.

The Vulcanian turned and pointed to the fading Beam, which was to him a symbol of godhead.

The Vulcanian drew back slowly before the oncoming Grag, who spread out his mighty arms and roared and made the ground tremble under his feet.

Old Empire the Vulcanian scientists had a predominant interest in the Sun.

Cyclopean workshop--the bustle, the hurry, the glare and shadow, the steam and sparks of Vulcanian forging.

Vulcans and humans would only confuse the audience, they thought, and a move was made to have all physiologically distinguishing Vulcanian features effaced.