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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

French, literally "view, sight; aspect, appearance; vision" (see view (n.)).


Vue or VUE may refer to:


  • Visual User Environment, Hewlett-Packard's graphical interface for the X Window System
  • VUE (Visual Understanding Environment), a concept mapping tool
  • E-on Vue, 3D landscape generation software from e-on software
  • Vue.js, open-source reactive web application framework

Radio and Television

  • KVUE, the ABC TV affiliate for Austin, Texas
  • WVUE-DT, the Fox TV affiliate for New Orleans, Louisiana
  • WVUE, the defunct TV station in Wilmington, Delaware

Other uses:

  • Vue (band), a rock and roll band from San Francisco, California
  • Vue Cinemas, a cinema company in the United Kingdom
  • Vue, Loire-Atlantique, a commune in France
  • Pearson VUE, an electronic testing company
  • Saturn Vue, a sport utility vehicle
  • Vue Weekly, an alternative newspaper in Edmonton, Canada
  • Vue, a clan name of the Hmong people
  • Vue Pack, single-serve coffee system by Keurig
  • The Vue, a skyscraper in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Villitis of unknown etiology
  • PlayStation Vue, a cloud-based television service from Sony

Usage examples of "vue".

Cinq minutes apres, il monte sur sa bicyclette et le voila parti avec une figure plus tourmentee encore que celle que je lui avais vue quand il avait recu la lettre.

Chas, the Chengs, the Hangs, the Hers, the Kues, the Los, the Mouas, the Thaos, the Vues, the Xiongs, and the Vangs.

Mais, puisque les choses sont ainsi, il vaut mieux les envisager a ce point de vue et ne considerer que le rapprochement que cet incident amenera entre nous.

Crikswich, by outbidding him at the auction for the sale of Marine Parade and Belle Vue Terrace, Van Diemen ran the houses up at the auction, and ultimately had Belle Vue knocked down to him.

He also owns the same portable Tele Vue refractor as I do-only his is more fancy, and therefore enviable.

As Captain Condon had anticipated and provided for, some of the warders from Belle Vue quickly came upon the scene, as it was but a short distance across what were then brickfields from the prison to the scene of action.

Jonkarta, a native of Virginia now living on this planet, was crossing the desert with his betrothed, a red girl name of Princess Dejah Vue, when they were attacked by green Barthroomians who kidnapped the princess, but we arrived soon after and pursued the greenies and ambushed them, Fighting Devil blew them all away, except one that rekidnapped the princess and fled with her here, where we of course followed and attacked, but our forces, aided by this lady's husband, were defeated and captured, all except for me since I did not go along, and now they are all about to be tortured and executed.