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  1. redirect video tape recorder
VTR (disambiguation)

VTR may refer to:

  • Vampire: The Requiem
  • Vermont Railway
  • Video tape recorder
  • View through rate, a measure used in the advertising industry
  • VTR Globalcom
  • Verilog-to-Routing, an open-source CAD-tool for FPGAs
VTR (telecom company)

VTR Globalcom S.A. is a Chilean telecommunications company. It is the country's largest provider of cable television with 1,008,746 subscribers (a 35.9% market share as of December 2014, which includes satellite television competitors). It is also the second largest provider of fixed broadband Internet access (37.2% market share) and fixed telephone service (20.7%), behind Telefónica, as of December 2014. It also has a tiny (0.44%, as of December 2014) participation in the mobile phone business, which is dominated by three other companies.

It is wholly owned by Liberty Global; Grupo Saieh's CorpGroup previously owned 20% until March 2014 when Liberty Global acquired the remaining 20% it didn't own.

VTR also owns, a video rental services company, and —together with Turner Broadcasting System— CNN Chile, a 24-hour news channel based in Santiago.