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VSL may refer to:

  • VSL(3), VSL#3 a prescribed probiotic treatment
  • Vernon Systems Ltd, a museums collections management software company based in New Zealand
  • Very Short List, a pop culture E-mail feed
  • Virtual Switch Link, from Cisco
  • Variable speed of light, a theory in physics
  • Visuospatial Skill Learning, a robot learning approach based on visual perception
  • Venezuelan Summer League, a defunct Minor League Baseball rookie league in Venezuela
  • Vienna Symphonic Library, a library of musical instrument samples
  • Vienna Summer of Logic, a scientific event that took place in July 2014, combining several major conferences and more than 70 workshops on mathematical logic and its applications
  • Virtual Steganographic Laboratory, a software application for steganography
  • VSL, the NYSE stock ticker symbol of Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited
  • Vorspann System Losinger, VSL an international post-tensioning specialist contractor owned by Bouygues
  • Volume of the Sacred Law, in Freemasonry
  • Value of a Statistical Life, or simply Value of life