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vb. (obsolete typography of use English)

VSE (operating system)

z/VSE (Virtual Storage Extended) is an operating system for IBM mainframe computers, the latest one in the DOS/360 lineage, which originated in 1965. It is less common than prominent z/OS and is mostly used on smaller machines. Primary z/VSE development occurs in IBM's Böblingen labs in Germany.


VSE may refer to:

Usage examples of "vse".

Her blisse is all in pleasure and delight,Wherewith she makes her louers drunken mad,And then with words & weedes of wondrous might,On them she workes her will to vses bad:My lifest Lord she thus beguiled had.

Ere long with like againe he boorded mee,Saying, he now had boulted all the floure,And that it was a groome of base degree,Which of my loue was partner Paramoure:Who vsed in a darksome inner bowreHer oft to meet: which better to approue,He promised to bring me at that howre,When I should see, that would me nearer moue,And driue me to withdraw my blind abused loue.

Stout Priamond, but not so strong to strike,Strong Diamond, but not so stout a knight,But Triamond was stout and strong alike:On horsebacke vsed Triamond to fight,And Priamond on foote had more delight,But horse and foote knew Diamond to wield:With curtaxe vsed Diamond to smite,And Triamond to handle speare and shield,But speare and curtaxe both vsd Priamond in field.

Let none then blame me, if in disciplineOf vertue and of ciuill vses lore,I doe not forme them to the common lineOf present dayes, which are corrupted sore,But to the antique vse, which was of yore,When good was onely for it selfe desyred,And all men sought their owne, and none no more.

Soone as Occasion felt her selfe vntyde,Before her sonne could well assoyled bee,She to her vse returnd, and streight defydeBoth Guyon and Pyrrochles: th'one (said shee)Bycause he wonne.