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a. (obsolete spelling of void English)

Usage examples of "voyd".

And so in like manner the coloured vpper seeling was pure and voyd of Spiders and Cobwebs, by reason of the continuall fresh ayre both entring in and going out.

In the voyd and plaine euacuated quadret, there stood two Nimphes, little lesse then if they had been liuely creatures, apparelled, so as you might see somewhat aboue their knees, vppon one of theyr legges, as if the winde had blowne it vp, as they were doing theyr office, and their armes bare, from the elbow to the shoulder except.

The Physitian being greatly troubled at the wickednesse of this mischievous woman, as voyd of all counsell and leysure to consider of the matter, and least he might give any cause of suspition to the standers by, or shew any scruple of his guilty conscience, by reason of long delay, tooke the pot in his hand, and presently drunke a good draught thereof, which done, the young man having no mistrust, drunke up the residue.

John Pierce to assigne over ye grand patente to ye companie, which he had taken in his owne name, and made quite voyd our former grante.

Unfortunately, before Rhonin could ask, Voyd and his partner had been forced to respond to an emergency, in this case a spout of steam erupting from the main tank.

Nullyn, Voyd, also grinning merrily, took the rope ladder and tossed the unattached end over the side.

The wary mage waited while Voyd and his partner maneuvered their ship nearer and nearer.

For to telle of this teuelyng of this trwe kny3te3, Hit is the tytelet token and tyxt of her werkke3, How ledes for her lele luf hor lyue3 han auntered, Endured for her drury dulful stounde3, And after wenged with her walour and voyded her care, And bro3t blysse into boure with bountees hor awen-- And 3e ar knyyght comlokest kyd of your elde, Your worde and your worchip walke3 ayquere, And I haf seten by yourself here sere twyes, Yghet herde I neuer of your hed helde no worde3 That euer longed to luf, lasse ne more.

And after them came a knight, then the Lord High Admiral, and with him five nobles, in doublets of crimson velvet, voyded low on the back and before to the cannel-bone, laced on the breasts with chains of silver.