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Usage examples of "voudoun".

The voudoun priest shook his graying head regretfully, a genuine regret she could feel quite strongly.

I found out from Aunt Nita that you were gone, and I had to call up that voudoun guy and get the address out of him.

Ramirez said when he was talking about trying to get that voudoun curse off him?

Among sf novels, this one is rare and precious for its refreshingly polyglot, multicultural society, where voudoun rituals share space with Roman Catholic mass and racial discrimination seems uncommon.

She is Virgin, Mother, and Lover, and she represents the transformation of African spirituality in the Diaspora, the blending of Old and New Worlds, African and European, Voudoun and Catholicism.

Rada nation, the revered gatekeeper who provided the only means for voudoun practitioners to contact other spirits.