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Vos or VOS may refer to:

Vos (surname)

Vos is a Dutch surname. Notable people with this surname include the following:

  • André Vos (contemporary), professional football player
  • Geerhardus Vos (1862–1949), American Reformed theologian
  • Geoffrey Vos (born 1955), QC and High Court Judge of the United Kingdom
  • Gino Vos (born 1990), Dutch darts player who plays in Professional Darts Corporation events
  • Heinrich Voes (died 1523), one of the first two Lutheran martyrs
  • Hubert Vos (1855–1935), Dutch painter
  • Ida Vos (1931–2006), Dutch author
  • Ingmar Vos (born 1986), Dutch Decathlete
  • Marianne Vos (born 1987), Dutch cyclo-cross and road bicycle racer
  • Marijke Vos (born 1957), Dutch politician
  • Mark Vos (born 1983), Australian professional poker player
  • Rich Vos (born 1957), American comedian
  • Roelf Vos (died 1992), Tasmanian businessman; founder of a supermarket chain
  • Suzanne Vos (contemporary), South African politician
  • Uli Vos (born 1946), German field hockey player in the 1972 Olympics
  • Vincent de Vos, Belgium artist
  • Willem Vos (contemporary), Dutch scientist and professor
Fictional person
  • Quinlan Vos, character in the Star Wars universe
Vos (Danish band)

Vos is a popular Danish girl group from Als Island with 30 years history. The members are Ilse Dahl, Kathrine Schmidt, Hanne Schmidt and Bente Nissen.