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Voom (band)

Voom is a New Zealand band based in Auckland whose original lineup consisted of Buzz Moller, Danny Manetto and Mac Macaskill. Various tensions within the band caused Manetto and Macaskill to depart. Since the initial breakup, Macaskill and Manetto have worked together musically on numerous occasions producing music most recently in their Twenty Ten Project along with Simon Harris and Tony Shields (recording with Zero Studios, a recording studio owned by Manetto himself). Mac Macaskill died on 13 September 2012, leaving Manetto and Moller as the two surviving original members of Voom. The band has been a staple of Auckland student radio for many years, and has had a number of student radio hits including "Beth", "Relax", and "Be Your Boy" (voted bfm song of the year 2006). The current lineup of the band consists of Moller, Nick Buckton and Murray Fisher. They are currently signed to Auckland label Lil' Chief Records.

Usage examples of "voom".

Renata von Voom, the Spy Queen, his girlfriend and a founding member of the United Snakes.

And Turner Meeks himself, holder of the Va Va Voom Girl's real true love, was getting fat, fat, fatter on moo shu duck, sweet and sour pork, shrimp chop suey and beef kowloon--a shitload of condemned man's last meals.