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n. (context informal English) vomit vb. (context informal English) vomit

VOM (punk rock band)

VOM was conceived in 1976 as a self-described beat combo featuring the renowned writer and critic Richard Meltzer on vocals, with Gregg Turner on second vocals and "Metal" Mike Saunders (under the pseudonym "Ted Klusewski") on drums. The band also featured Dave Guzman on "tuneless rhythm guitar", Lisa Brenneis ("Gurl") on bass guitar, and Phil Koehn on lead guitar. The name VOM was an abbreviation for "vomit", as their early live act was said by Meltzer and Turner to have included throwing various viscera, cow parts and food substances at the audience to provoke a reaction.

Both Meltzer and Saunders had already contributed to music as a whole in very distinct conduits. Richard Meltzer had written The Aesthetics of Rock (written in '68 but published in '70) which was certainly the first serious discussion of rock music in long format as an art form. Mike Saunders was credited for coining the term " heavy metal" as a music genre while writing for Rolling Stone. In 1970, he wrote: "Here [ Humble Pie] were a noisy, unmelodic, heavy metal-leaden shit-rock band, with the loud and noisy parts beyond doubt," in a review of As Safe As Yesterday Is. "This album," he continues, "more of the same 27th-rate heavy metal crap, is worse than the first two put together, though I know that sounds incredible." Although Saunders himself states that the title is "right there" in Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild" ("heavy metal thunder...") and the term predates even this in William S. Burroughs' novel The Wild Boys, Saunders was the first to lend it to the new hard rock of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Besides "I'm in Love With Your Mom" and "Too Animalistic" (both later incorporated into the Angry Samoans catalog), VOM were notorious for a song called "Electrocute Your Cock", which began with Saunders' Ramones-like tom tom beat and Meltzer's cries of "Electrocute your cock, electrocute your cock / Looking for a handjob? Stick It in a clock!". Despite its profane audacity, it had enough pop catchiness and wit to become a minor hit for the band. Other VOM material included "Broads Are Equal" and "I Am (The Son of Sam)".

Videos for "I'm in Love With Your Mom", "Too Animalistic" and "Electrocute Your Cock" were produced, directed by Richard Casey (who went on to create videos for Blue Öyster Cult, Buck Dharma and Romeo Void). "I'm in Love With Your Mom" was shot as the band performed on the beach, with Meltzer wearing briefs on his head. The more humorous and visually interesting "Electrocute Your Cock" video included footage of Meltzer sprawling backwards in a chair while screaming the lyrics and sitting in a bathtub being electrocuted. Both videos (and interviews with Meltzer, Saunders and Turner) were later included in the Angry SamoansTrue Documentary video,

According to Turner, Meltzer "threw in the VOM towel" in 1977, which paved the way for Turner and Saunders to form Angry Samoans.


VOM or Vom may refer to:

  • VOM = Volt - Ohm - Milliam meter, another name for a multimeter
  • Voice of the Martyrs, a group of Christian organizations devoted to raising awareness of persecutions of Christians around the world
  • VOM (punk rock band)
  • Veil of Maya, an American deathcore band
  • Vom, a fictional character in the science fiction novel Bloodhype by Alan Dean Foster
  • The vomitorium of a theater
  • A German word, the contraction of von dem, meaning "from the", sometimes used in names. See von.

Usage examples of "vom".

Vom Duerftigen verseufzt, mit traenenvollen Blicken Des Reuenden verfolgt, zurueck gewuenscht Vom Tor, Vom Gluecklichen erwaehnt mit trunkenem Entzuecken: Jahr, welche Botschaft von der Erde,-- Jetzt unwert jenes Rufs: Sie werde!

Mag alles Qual, Mag alles Leid und Schatten sein -- Doch diese eine süsse Sonnenstunde nicht, Und nicht der Duft vom roten Klee, Und nicht das tiefe, zarte Wohlgefühl In meiner Seele.

         Und vielleicht, Vielleicht kommst du einmal vom Krieg zurück, Und eines Abends trittst du bei mir ein, Man spricht von Longwy, Lüttich, Dammerkirch, Und lächelt ernst, und alles ist wie einst, Und keiner sagt ein Wort von seiner Angst, Von seiner Angst und Zärtlichkeit bei Nacht im Feld, Von seiner Liebe.

Wie ein geliebtes Weib vom steilen Ufer blicket Dem Schiffe nach, das ihre Kron entreisst: Sie steht, ein Marmorbild, zu Stunden unverruecket.

Viel lieber wäre ihm gewesen, wenn der Kanister wirklich bloß Chlor enthalten hätte, allerdings war er vom Gegenteil überzeugt.

Certain repairs to critical functions must be made before any attempt to attack the Vom can be made.

Oh, da§ kein Flugel mich vom Boden hebt Ihr nach und immer nach zu streben!

When he makes contact with the Vom -joins battle, if you will-the light should go to yellow.

Die Engländer hatten es, ausgehend vom Reglement ihres Special Air Service, entwickelt.

The mental blast that had been the Voms first free‑emoting thought‑that of a cosmic hunger‑bad momentarily paralyzed everyone.

The mental blast that had been the Voms first free-emoting thought-that of a cosmic hunger-bad momentarily paralyzed everyone.

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