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The Volme is a river in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, a left tributary of the Ruhr. It is 50.5 km long, of which about 21 km lie within the city limits of Hagen. Its largest tributary is the Ennepe.

The Volme rises at 480 m above sea level in the southeastern part of the Ruhr region, southeast of the town Meinerzhagen. It flows through the municipalities of Meinerzhagen, Kierspe, Halver (Oberbrügge), Lüdenscheid (Brügge), Schalksmühle and Hagen and empties into the Ruhr at 91 m above sea level. In the city of Hagen, the Volme is predominantly canalised, and since 2004 has been under restoration.

Tributaries of the Volme are, from the mouth upstream:

  • Ennepe (in Hagen centre)
  • Sterbecke (in Hagen- Rummenohl)
  • Hälver (in Schalksmühle)
  • Elspe (in Lüdenscheid-Brügge)
  • Wiebelsaat (in Meinerzhagen)