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Volcan or Volcán may refer to:

Volcán (album)

Volcán (Volcano) is the title of the studio album released by Mexican singer José José in 1978. The arranger and director of all the songs was the Spanish composer Rafael Pérez Botija. The main hits of the album were: O Tu O Yo, Volcán, Farolero, and Preguntaselo A Ella.

Volcán (Jujuy)

Volcán (Jujuy) is a town and municipality in Jujuy Province in Argentina.

Volcan (mining company)

Volcan is a Peruvian mining company.

It was founded in 1943. Today, it is mostly engaged in the exploitation of silver, zinc, copper and lead, but also operates hydroelectric power plants.

Usage examples of "volcan".

Joined along the way by Volcae, Salluvii, Vocontii, Allobroges, Helvii- and no doubt by the Boii and Insubres of Italian Gaul-not to mention the Ligures and Vagienni!

The homebound Volcae Tectosages would hold the wealth of that whole migration in Tolosa against the day when all the tribes would return to Gaul, and claim it.

Within fifteen years from that night the volcan Popo had ceased to vomit smoke and fire, the kings had ceased to reign in Tenoctitlan, the priests had ceased to serve the altars of the gods, the people of Anahuac were no more a people, and my vow was null and void.