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Vök is a dream-pop/ indie-electronica band formed in Reykjavík, Iceland in 2013. The band was created when Margrét Rán (vocalist) and Andri Már ( saxophonist) decided to enter ' Músíktilraunir' (English: 'music trials'), an annual music contest in their native Iceland. In just a few weeks, they had come up with an array of new tracks and ended up winning the contest. The band members hail from Hafnarfjörður, and they make music in both their native Icelandic and English.

When asked how they came up with their name, they replied that 'It's one of those words used to describe something and has no equivalent in English'. The band considers Portishead, Air, and Massive Attack as some of its major influences.

Usage examples of "vok".

She wondered how welcome they actually were, and she was weighing that question in her mind when Vok broke the silence once more.

Turning back to Vok, she gestured toward the ruined city that surrounded them.

Gesturing to one of the others who stood at his side, Vok brought forward another tall thin alien and presented him to Janeway.

For a long moment they stood watching, confused, then Vok moved forward once more.

Something in the way Vok and his followers had acted during their last encounter had lessened her trust of the tall quiet aliens.

There was no way of knowing if Vok and his followers would be satisfied with just Kayla, or if they would insist on the Ascension of every crew member who fell under the influence of the Ambiana.

There would be danger for the young female, but there would be equal, and possibly greater, danger for Vok and his followers.

If he had not been in complete control of his own mind, Vok would have smiled then.

It pained Vok that it was so, now that his own years had taught him both temperance and wisdom, but he had neither the energy nor the inclination to change the order of things at such a late point in his own journey.

When it was possible, Vok slipped away to those inner places, laying his cheek against the cool exterior of the pillars one by one and feeling the soft undulating thread of life that bound them all-bound him-in one perfect weave of fate.

When it was certain that Vok would not be rising soon, the others gathered around Ban, and he led them from the small settlement and off through the surrounding countryside.

They left behind just enough to complete the ceremony, just enough to keep the volume of the chant at a level where Vok would not notice the fluctuation in the One Voice that would indicate to him that they had left.

Ban watched the elder furtively as they passed, but Vok never flinched.

If these ancients had known about the Ambiana, then it was likely that they knew more about it than Vok and his follower had been willing to share.

If Vok can be believed, the beings buried in some of these tombs would be nearly ten thousand years old.