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n. (alternative spelling of voodoo English)


n. a religious cult practiced chiefly in Caribbean countries (especially Haiti); involves witchcraft and animistic deities [syn: voodoo, voodooism, hoodooism]

Usage examples of "vodoun".

As for the other captives, when he first astral-projected, he found a witch, two half-demons, and a Vodoun priest.

These minor races include Vodoun priests, druids, psychics, and many others.

Later that day, I even got to see Armen Haig again and the Vodoun priest, Curtis Zaid, who was still very much alive.

If, as Bauer had implied, Leah had befriended the Vodoun priest, she had even better social skills than I thought.

Why not take Leah or, better yet, Curtis Zaid, the useless Vodoun priest?

Then I realized she was at the one remaining occupied cell, that of the Vodoun priest.

Curtis Zaid, the Vodoun priest, and a new captive in the cell across from my old one.

But none had more offerings than that of the notorious vodoun queen, Marie Laveau.

The audience only beamed and echoed a chorus of yeses and Amens, like an army of zombies before a Vodoun priestess.

To disguise the true source of their powers, they pose as druidic or Vodoun priests, or other supernaturals with minor, easily faked abilities.