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VOD may stand for:

  • Velocity of detonation, the speed of a shock wave through a detonated explosive
  • Veno-occlusive disease, a complication of bone marrow transplantation
  • Versant Object Database, a database management system
  • Video on demand, a system for watching video content such as television
  • Vision of Disorder, a musical group

Vod may also refer to:

  • Votes, a people in Russia

Usage examples of "vod".

Now Vod was in a crowd of workers shoving to get out of the tunnel even as the ground creaked around them.

But to Vod, the meaning of breakdowns like this one was clear enough: dig too fast and the rock will kill you.

With every step, Vod dug a deeper groove in his heart, hating Nefer Ton Enkar.

The old static wasted twice this much time wagering on the job, but Vod knew to defer.

As they walked the deserted tunnels, Vod fancied he heard a deep thudding now and again.

PrimeWay, in a deep UnderPrime lobe, Vod stood facing Harn, his arm trembling with the desire to strike his coworker.

For a moment, Vod felt a strong attraction to her, despite the circumstances.

It was as close to immortality as Vod could imagine, these fruiting bodies sprouting from the vast plait of mycelium crisscrossing DownWorld.

Though by tradition maintenance work was a static function, Vod was not unfamiliar with upkeep of the hab.

Sprinting to the first downway, Vod raced in the dark along the minor way, then into another downway.

There was no kin feeling between diggers and gomin, and Vod was acutely aware of their eyes following him as he wound through their local ways.

What tends to be worse, Vod fleeing Nefer, or an unnatural in Red Season?

Zehops plugged into the nearest gate, searching for information, but Vod needed no data.

When Vod focused on what this dweller was doing, his skin grew cold with fury.

Zehops and Ham, Vod shoved his way to a stall where he could stand on a platform, above the crowd.