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prep. (context obsolete English) under.

Usage examples of "vnder".

There there (said Britomart) a fresh appeardThe glory of the later world to spring,And Troy againe out of her dust was reard,To sit in second seat of soueraigne king,Of all the world vnder her gouerning.

And in his hand a bended bow was seene,And many arrowes vnder his right side,All deadly daungerous, all cruell keene,Headed with flint, and feathers bloudie dide,Such as the Indians in their quiuers hide.

Which to behold, he clomb vp to the banke,And looking downe, saw many damned wights,In those sad waues, which direfull deadly stanke,Plonged continually of cruell Sprights,That with their pitteous cryes, and yelling shrights,They made the further shore resounden wide:Emongst the rest of those same ruefull sights,One cursed creature, he by chaunce espide,That drenched lay full deepe, vnder the Garden side.

Faire Helene, flowre of beautie excellent,And girlond of the mighty Conquerours,That madest many Ladies deare lamentThe heauie losse of their braue Paramours,Which they far off beheld from Troian toures,And saw the fieldes of faire Scamander strowneWith carcases of noble warrioures,Whose fruitlesse liues were vnder furrow sowne,And Xanthus sandy bankes with bloud all ouerflowne.

Vnder a steepe hilles side it placed was,There where the mouldred earth had cav'd the banke.

And there the relicks of the drunken fray,The which amongst the Lapithees befell,And of the bloodie feast, which sent awaySo many Centaures drunken soules to hell,That vnder great Alcides furie fell:And of the dreadfull discord, which did driueThe noble Argonauts to outrage fell:That each of life sought others to depriue,All mindlesse of the Golden fleece, which made them striue.

For me think hit not semly, as hit is soth knawen, Ther such an askyng is heuened so hy3e in your sale, Tha3 yghe yghourself be talenttyf, to take hit to yourseluen, Whil mony so bolde yow aboute vpon bench sytten, That vnder heuen I hope non ha3erer of wylle, Ne better bodyes on bent ther baret is rered.

Mongst many which maligne her happy state,There is a mighty man, which wonnes here byThat with most fell despight and deadly hate,Seekes to subuert her Crowne and dignity,And all his powre doth thereunto apply:And her good Knights, of which so braue a bandSerues her, as any Princesse vnder sky,He either spoiles, if they against him stand,Or to his part allures, and bribeth vnder hand.

The gome vpon Gryngolet glyde3 hem vnder, Thur3 mony misy and myre, mon al hym one, Carande for his costes, lest he ne keuer schulde To se the seruyse of that syre, that on that self ny3t Of a burde wat3 borne oure baret to quelle.

Vnder thy mantle blacke there hidden lye,Light-shonning theft, and traiterous intent,Abhorred bloudshed, and vile felony,Shamefull deceipt, and daunger imminent.

AS when a ship, that flyes faire vnder saile,An hidden rocke escaped hath vnwares,That lay in waite her wrack for to bewaile,The Marriner yet halfe amazed staresAt perill past, and yet in doubt ne daresTo ioy at his foole-happie ouersight:So doubly is distrest twixt ioy and caresThe dreadlesse courage of this Elfin knight,Hauing escapt so sad ensamples in his sight.

At last when as the Sarazin perceiu'd,How that straunge sword refusd, to serue his need,But when he stroke most strong, the dint deceiu'd,He flong it from him, and deuoyd of dreed,Vpon him lightly leaping without heed,Twixt his two mighty armes engrasped fast,Thinking to ouerthrow and downe him tred:But him in strength and skill the Prince surpast,And through his nimble sleight did vnder him down cast.

Well kend him so farre spaceTh'enchaunter by his armes and amenaunce,When vnder him he saw his Lybian steed to praunce.

There is continuall spring, and haruest thereContinuall, both meeting at one time:For both the boughes doe laughing blossomes beare,And with fresh colours decke the wanton Prime,And eke attonce the heauy trees they clime,Which seeme to labour vnder their fruits lode:The whiles the ioyous birdes make their pastimeEmongst the shadie leaues, their sweet abode,And their true loues without suspition tell abrode.