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VMT may refer to:

  • Vallejo Music Theatre, a community theater company in Vallejo, California since 1947.
  • Valtion Metallitehtaat, (Finnish) State Metal Works, see Valmet
  • Vehicle miles of travel, a measurement of the number of miles traveled within a specified region over a given time period
  • Vehicle miles traveled tax, a policy of taxing motorists based on how many miles they have traveled
  • Vehicle Mounted Terminal, an industrial-scale computing platform for moving-machines (e.g. transtainers, cranes, forklifts, trucks ...)
  • Video mixtape, a stock footage movie consisting of clips from movies, television or home videos.
  • Virgin Media Television, a British cable television network
  • Virtual method table, a mechanism used in programming language to support dynamic dispatch
  • Vodafone Money Transfer, a system through which users of cellular devices may transfer money.