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VMC may refer to:

  • Van Mildert College, a constituent college of Durham University, England
  • Vasomotor center, a portion of the medulla oblongata that regulates blood pressure and other homeostatic processes
  • Vertical machining center, a vertical milling machine with computer numerical control
  • VMC, a marine weather service broadcast by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology
  • Vevey–Montreux–Chillon tramway, a former tramway in the Swiss canton of Vaud
  • Vista Media Center, the Windows Media Center included with Windows Vista
  • Visual meteorological conditions, an aviation flight category in which visual flight rules flight is permitted
  • V, the minimum control speed(s) of a multi-engine aircraft
  • VMC Consulting, a technology consulting company based in Redmond, Washington
  • Vodafone Mobile Connect, an internet service provided over a 3G HSDPA network via a PC Card
  • Variational Monte Carlo, an algorithm for approximating the ground state of a quantum system
  • Voxel Monte Carlo, a fast voxel-based Monte Carlo simulation code for radiation dose calculation in radiation therapy
  • Vruwink MotorCycles, a Sidecarcross frame manufacturer
  • Video Music Channel, a music television channel owned by Space Shower Networks in Japan
  • Vulcan Materials Company, a producer of construction materials
  • Vietnamese Motors Corporation (VMC), an automobile manufacturer