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VMAC is a block cipher-based message authentication code (MAC) algorithm using a universal hash proposed by Ted Krovetz and Wei Dai in April 2007. The algorithm was designed for high performance backed by a formal analysis.

VMAC is designed to have exceptional performance in software on 64-bit CPU architectures while still performing well on 32-bit architectures. Measured speeds are as fast as one-half CPU cycle per byte (cpb) on 64-bit architectures, under five cpb on desktop 32-bit processors, and around ten cpb on embedded 32-bit architectures. A closely related variant of VMAC that is optimized for 32-bit architectures is given by UMAC.

VMAC (disambiguation)

VMAC may refer to:

  • VMAC ("Very high-speed MAC") is a cryptographic message authentication code algorithm
  • vMac ("virtual Macintosh") is an open source emulator for Mac OS
  • Virginia Mason Athletic Center, often abbreviated VMAC, is the NFL's Seattle Seahawks headquarters and training facilities
VMac (disambiguation)

VMac may refer to:

  • VMAC is a cyptographic message authentication code (MAC) algorithm
  • vMac is an open source emulator for Mac OS