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VMA may refer to:

  • MTV Video Music Award
  • Marine Attack Squadron, a type of aircraft squadron of the United States Marine Corps
  • Vanillylmandelic acid, a metabolite in urine which may be measured to diagnose medical disorders
  • Vanilmandelate, a compound similar to vanillylmandelic acid and sharing the same acronym yet structurally an acetate whereas the latter is an acetic acid
  • Vicky Metcalf Award, an award presented to writers of children's works in Canada
  • Vitreomacular adhesion, a disease of the human eye where vitreous gel remains partially attached to the retina
  • Virgin Mobile Australia, a cellphone provider in Australia
  • Visayan Maritime Academy, a private maritime college in the Philippines
  • Vojnomedicinska akademija, several medical academies, see Military Medical Academy (disambiguation)