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Vlasov or Vlasoff (; masculine) is a common Russian surname formed from the first name Vlas or from the Greek Βλάσιος (Blaise) meaning simple. There is also a version that the family name can come from the Slavonic vlas meaning hair. The feminine form of the surname is Vlasova . The surname is shared by:

  • Aleksandr Vlasov (disambiguation)
  • Aleksei Vlasov (born 1996), Russian football forward
  • Andrey Vlasov (1901–1946), Soviet general who collaborated with German forces
  • Andrey Vlasov (footballer) (born 1965), Russian football player
  • Anatoly Vlasov (1908–1975), Soviet physicist, author of the Vlasov equation and McKean–Vlasov process
  • Dmitri Vlasov (born 1973), Russian football player
  • Dmitry Vlasov (born 1982), Russian tennis player
  • Evgenia Vlasova (born 1978), Ukrainian singer-songwriter
  • Igor Vlasov (born 1980), Russian musician and music producer
  • Ilia Vlasov (born 1995), Russian volleyball player
  • Ivan Vlasov (1903–1969), Soviet administrator, nominal head of state of Russian Federation
  • Maksim Vlasov (disambiguation)
  • Oleg Vlasov (born 1984), Russian footballer
  • Peter Vladimirov, pen name of Pyotr Vlasov (1905–1953), Soviet diplomat and journalist, father of Yury Vlasov
  • Pyotr Vlasov, Russian ambassador to Persia in 1902–1903
  • Simon Vlasov, Russian speedway rider (born 1981)
  • Tatiana Vlasova (born 1977), Russian ski-orienteer
  • Vadim Vlasov (born 1980), Russian football player
  • Viktor Vlasov (disambiguation)
  • Vladimir Vlasov (1902–1986), Russian composer and conductor
  • Yuliya Vlasova (born 1967), Russian short track speed skater
  • Yuriy Vlasov (born 1970), Ukrainian swimmer
  • Yury Vlasov (born 1935), Russian weightlifter, writer and politician