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VLA may refer to:

  • EASA CS-VLA,the European Aviation Safety Agency certification specification for Very Light Aircraft
Government Agencies
  • Veterinary Laboratories Agency, a UK government agency for researching animal and public health
  • Victoria Legal Aid, an Australian Government agency supplying legal assistance to financially disadvantaged persons in the state of Victoria
  • Victorian Legislative Assembly, the lower house of the State Parliament of Victoria, Australia
  • The Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array, a radio telescope array in the U.S.
  • Variable-length array, a dynamically-sized data structure in several programming languages
  • Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, any of a number of organizations providing pro bono legal assistance to members of the arts community
  • Vertical long axis in single-photon emission computed tomography
  • Vertical Launch ASROC RUM-139_VL-ASROC, an anti-submarine weapon of the United States Navy

Usage examples of "vla".

The entire processing capability of the Center bore down on what Arecibo and the VLA had found.