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Vivere (Dare to Live)

"Vivere" is a song written by Italian singer-songwriter Gerardina Trovato with Angelo Anastasio and Celso Valli. It was first recorded as a duet between Trovato and Italian pop tenor Andrea Bocelli and included in Trovato's 1994 album Non è un film, as well as on Bocelli's debut album Il Mare Calmo della Sera. It was also released as a B-side single with Bocelli's " Con te partirò" in 1996 and it was later featured on the compilation album Romanza, released by Bocelli in 1997.

In 2009, Bocelli, together with Italian singer Laura Pausini, recorded "Vive Ya (Dare to Live)" and "Vivere (Dare to Live)", two multilingual versions of "Vivere" in Spanish and Italian respectively, the latter featuring verses in English. The later was subsequently nominated for Record of the Year at the Latin Grammy Awards of 2008.

Vivere (soap opera)

Vivere ("Living") was an Italian soap opera created by Cristiana Farina and Lorenzo Favella. It was broadcast from 1999 to 2008 on Canale 5, afterwards Rete 4, and in replica on La 5.

Vivere was also first fully Italian soap opera about hope, desire and dreams of four families. The series about four families which lives in Como, a rich, provincial town in Northern Italy. The protagonists of the story is Bonelli's, a family of restaurators from lower-middle class, Moretti's, whose head of the family a rich businessman and his handsome son a journalist, and a family of successful doctors De Carolis – Falcon. Plot of the series takes place in and around the ancient villas, hotels, restaurants, clinics and gyms. In this environment erupt private and public affairs whose consequences tension and intrigue such as arranged marriages, illicit love affairs, terrifying secrets and powerful games.

Guided by emotions, passions and dreams characters follow their heart, desires and instincts that are connected or separated. Such relationships built bittersweet picture of life in the Italian suburb, which is actually similar to the everyday life of each of us.

In Portugal in 2002, the television channel SIC, in collaboration with Endemol, was realised the remake of the soap opera, with the title Fúria de Viver.

It has been aired in Slovenia.

In Croatia, it was broadcast from May to August 2003 (only 60 episodes from Season 1) and reprised from July to late October 2006 (approx. 85 episodes).