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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vitta \Vit"ta\, n.; pl. Vitt[ae]. [L. vitta ribbon, fillet.]

  1. (Bot.) One of the oil tubes in the fruit of umbelliferous plants.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) A band, or stripe, of color.


n. 1 (context zoology English) A longitudinal stripe 2 (context botany English) An oil tube in the fruit of some plants


Vitta may refer to:

  • Estádio Décio Vitta, a multi-use stadium
  • Hasora vitta, a butterfly
  • Mandello Vitta, a comune (municipality) in the Province of Novara in the Italian region Piedmont
  • Vitta Foods

Usage examples of "vitta".

At first they were divided into two groups: Richard, Orlando, and Hero Buss in one house, Diana, Azucena, and Juan Vitta in another not far away.

Richard and Orlando in one, Hero Buss and Juan Vitta in another, and Diana and Azucena in a third.

Juan Vitta estimated that no fewer than five hundred people had seen them along the route.

After two hours of a forced march through the underbrush, in a terrible storm, they reached the house where Diana, Azucena, and Juan Vitta were being held.

Diana, Azucena, and Juan Vitta were walked to a third house, along a very rough path and under a steady rain, she realized that nothing they had been told was true.

Juan Vitta had told her when he was released that Orlando had changed so much in captivity that it was hard to recognize him, but she never thought the change would affect even his voice.

Prisco Lopera was the physician who had tended to Juan Vitta without concealing his name or his face, and Maruja wondered if he was the same masked doctor who had examined her earlier.