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Virpazar is a village in the Bar municipality, Montenegro. It is located in the Crmnica region, straddling the Crmnica river, which flows into nearby Skadar Lake. According to a 2003 census, it has a population of 337, inhabited by Montenegrins (61,72%) and Serbs (31,45%). There are various tourist facilities including Virpazar hotel, a lakeshore hotel.

There is a station on the Belgrade - Bar railway and a road leaves the main Podgorica to Bar highway and follows the western shore of the lake towards Albania.

Virpazar5.jpg|The village seen from the channel leading to Lake Skadar MN, Virpazar 103.jpg|The bridge in Virpazar 2013-10-02 Virpazer Monument 9970.jpg|The monument at the end of the bridge Virpazar, Montenegro - village centre.jpg|Virpazar, Montenegro - village centre