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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Virid \Vir"id\, a. [L. viridis green. See Verdant.] Green. [Obs.]

The virid marjoram Her sparkling beauty did but see.


Etymology 1 a. Green, verdant. n. (context rare English) A virid colour. Etymology 2

n. (context usually in plural English) Any of a group of related viruses.

Usage examples of "virid".

When it began to throb and her sheath pulsed in the same rhythm, Virid thrust his fingers deep inside.

Just as she tossed the second peach pit off the edge of the precipice, Virid came swooping toward the cave with a pair of rabbits in his claws.

Rowena sighed and snuggled tighter against Virid, whose upstanding cock pressed hard on her lower abdomen.

Rather than anger Virid by voicing these doubts, she asked the question uppermost in her mind.

In the back of her mind lurked the thought that if she became unhappy with Virid, she could take her child and flee to some distant town, as her grandmother had.

In the perpetual pearly glow that emanated from the cave walls, she glanced at the treasure heap, where Virid slept in dragon shape.

Maintaining a dragon body took effort for her, and it appeared that even for an old, powerful creature such as Virid, remaining human for too long could be a strain.

Sometimes Virid showed her where wild berries grew or guided her by night to an orchard temporarily left unguarded, to let her fill a basket with fruit while he kept watch.

The first step required that she learn to read and write, something Virid himself had suggested.

Clutching a quill in her right hand, she tried to imitate the way Virid held his.

Whenever she was not exercising her wings and hunting, she spent most of her waking hours studying and prodding Virid to teach her faster.

If she ever did feel compelled to leave Virid, she might want to have a few supplies stowed away.

Her partial humanity meant that she often found herself awake while Virid slumbered.

After splashing a few drops of the drug into the cup she intended for Virid, she rushed to hide the bottle again.

She filled his goblet, then her own, and carried them to the sleeping alcove where Virid reclined on the cushions.