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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Violette is a feminine given name and a surname which may refer to:

Violette (singer)

Violette is a jazz-influenced French indie singer/songwriter, currently based in the United States. Her full name is Violette de Bartillat. She is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music.

Violette (disambiguation)

Violette is a feminine given name. It may also refer to:

  • Violette AC, a Haitian football club based in Port-au-Prince
  • Violette (2013 film), a French drama film
  • , a Royal Navy minesweeper transferred to France in 1955 and renamed Violette

Violette (2013 film)

Violette is a 2013 French-Belgian biographical drama film written and directed by Martin Provost, about the French novelist Violette Leduc. It was screened in the Special Presentation section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

Usage examples of "violette".

Er zweefde door het vertrek iets als de lauwheid van een warm bad, vermengd met den zoeten geur van Violettes de Parme.

Joel Duffle a 6 to 5 favorite over Miss Violette Shumberger all the way through.

Joel Duffle comes to New York several days before the contest with the character by the name of Conway, and requests a meet with Miss Violette Shumberger to agree on the final details and who shows up with Miss Violette Shumberger as her coach and adviser but Nicely-Nicely Jones.

In fact, Nicely-Nicely says he can tell at once from the way Joel Duffle talks that he is a dangerous opponent, and he says while Miss Violette Shumberger impresses him as an improving eater, he is only sorry she does not have more seasoning.

Miss Violette Shumberger names twelve dozen cherry-stone clams as the second course, and Joel Duffle says two gallons of Philadelphia pepper-pot soup as the third.

Miss Violette Shumberger and Nicely-Nicely whisper together again, and Violette puts in two five-pound striped bass, the heads and tails not to count in the eating, and Joel Duffle names a twenty-two-pound roast turkey.

Joel Duffle says two dozen ears of corn on the cob, and Violette replies with two quarts of lima beans.

Joel Duffle calls for twelve bunches of asparagus cooked in butter, and Violette mentions ten pounds of stewed new peas.

Violette Shumberger and Joel Duffle both nod their heads, and Mindy says commence, and the contest is on, with Joel Duffle getting the jump at once on the celery and olives and nuts.

As a consequence, Violette worked hard at the El Quatro, and never quite got accustomed to the hours.

Writing Group for critiquing scenes: Aly Parsons, Simcha Kuritzky, Connie Warner, Al Carroll, Michael La Violette, and J.

Writing Group, for critiquing specific scenes: Aly Parsons, Simcha Kuritzky, Connie Warner, Al Carroll, Michael La Violette, George Williams, and J.

During her stay in the hospital, Violette fell in love with an alcoholic named Bubba Winters, who was recovering from double pneumonia.

When Bubba's unemployment cheques ran out, and Violette was unable to keep him in gin, because of the exorbitant doctor and hospital bills, so did Bubba.

Why, as soon as he is strong enough to leave the hospital, he elopes with my dearest friend, Miss Violette Shumberger, leaving me a note saying something about two souls with but a single thought.