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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Viny \Vin"y\, a. Of or pertaining to vines; producing, or abounding in, vines.
--P. Fletcher.


a. Resembling a vine, especially in being twisty.

Usage examples of "viny".

Jordan Mintz, general counsel Lea Fastow, assistant treasurer Michael Jakubik, vice president JimTimmins, director, private equity Tim Despain, vice president Bill Brown, vice president The Internal Accountants Richard Causey, chief accounting officer David Woytek, vice president, corporate auditing Rodney Faldyn, vice president, transaction accounting group Ryan Siurek, member, transaction accounting group In Risk Assessment Richard Buy, chief risk officer Vasant Shanbhogue, analyst Vince Kaminski, vice president of Rakesh Bharati, analyst research Kevin Kindall, analyst Stinson Gibner, analyst In Corporate Development J.

Vince grab the passing seabird by its feet and brandish it at his attacker he would never know, but the struggling penguin was understandably miffed at finding itself faced with what appeared to be a giant rival penguin, and started viciously slashing at Stevens with the sides of its razor-sharp beak.

PR operatives, hangers-on and sub-celebrities Robert Culp and Vince Van Patten were perhaps the most dazzling stars in this pastel galaxy listened to the speeches, applauded zestlessly, and returned to their lite beers and tea-time vodka-tonics.

In the light from their twin smolderings, Vince could just make out a scaley head with a huge jaw full of fangs.

On the other side of the turpid waters, Vince was back on the street and the phone, sheltering from an elemental downpour.

He was scanning his clipboard and was laughing at something Vince said when Veronique stepped inside, but with his uncanny instinct, he turned to her at that exact moment.

November Vince met with Esther Goldstone at her office in Covent Garden, and described what had happened in the Holborn chambers.

Vince wanted three recertifications: Ali-4, Ali-5, and Ali-7, imported provisionally for a three-week stay as equipment belonging to the Medinan delegation, needed to be recertified as human immigrants and issued visas and green cards.

Vince finishes his challenges at dawn, which I suppose will be around 7:45 a.

But locating Vince proved easier than catching up with him, for once Louie spotted his friend darting along the walls of the buildings in Charing Cross Road, he realised that dozens of home-going clubbers clogged the pavement between them.

Suppose Sebastian had planted him, instructed him to help Vince out with one of the clues, just to show that he was genuine?

Vince dropped a mudstained boot to his throat, jammed the steel barrel between his parted teeth and fired once.

Vince was surprised to see his old schoolfriend paying the driver and asking for a receipt.

Oakland and six points in the Super Bowl, he said, because Vince Lombardi had told him up in Green Bay that the AFL was much stronger than the sportswriters claimed.

Vince Lord explained to Celia and several others during a sales planning session what would happen with arthritis.