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Though he spoke softly to Vintre and did not move, his eyes flicked from side to side, as if spies and denouncers might be all around him.

But Vintre kept any sign of this speculation from his face, adopting an expression of stony-faced shock as he halted the column and dismounted.

Helsarn motioned urgently to Vintre, who ran off in the direction taken by the men carrying the driver.

He could hear too the fainter sound of Vintre trying to match this testing stride without too much loss of dignity.

Jeyan, hedged about by ephemeral and shifting images, made her unreal journey through the Citadel, she was shadowed by Helsarn and Vintre and various other of his more trusted men, all ready to offer far harder-edged restraints if need arose.

It was Helsarn who had sent Vintre out with a patrol to find the four missing men.

Messengers were sent back to the base camp with express orders to take the news only to the Gevethen in person, while Vintre was sent to commandeer whichever unit was nearest for the purposes of making an initial attack.

The knowledge proved a better goad by far than any cursing, and Helsarn and Vintre soon found themselves herding their rump command up the slope like willing sheep.

Helsarn and Vintre like an ominous cloud and the atmosphere about them became like that of the Watching Chamber.

Even had he not been drained from his ordeal, he was no match for Vintre, a skilled and vicious fighter.

Reading matters more shrewdly than his erstwhile ally, Vintre, and also being sorely shaken by what had happened to him in front of the Gevethen’s mirror, the Commander had shed his uniform and quietly slipped away with the rapidly dispersing army.