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Vink may refer to:

  • Blinde vink, a dish made by wrapping ground veal in a thin veal cutlet
  • Cor J. Vink, a New Zealand arachnologist
  • De Vink railway station, a railway station in the Netherlands located near the former hamlet of De Vink, currently a part of Leiden
  • Elsbeth van Rooy-Vink (born 1973), a Dutch cyclist
  • Kevin Vink (born 1984), a Dutch football player
  • Kröger–Vink notation, a set of conventions used to describe electric charge and lattice
  • Marciano Vink (born 1970), a Dutch former football player
  • Michael Vink (born 1991), a New Zealand road racing cyclist for Trek-Livestrong
  • Pieter Vink (born 1967), a Dutch football referee
  • Ronald Vink (born 1976), a Dutch professional wheelchair tennis player
  • Willem Vink (born 1931), a Dutch botanist

Usage examples of "vink".

Of course, having Trestor Vink and two of his assistants among our number was an additional aid.