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Vinjeøra is a village in the municipality of Hemne in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. The village lies along the highway at the end of the Vinjefjorden, about south of the municipal center of Kyrksæterøra. The village has a population of almost 300 and is located about from Trondheim and about from Kristiansund.

Previously, Vinjeøra was located in the municipality of Vinje, which became a part of Hemne in 1964. The trekking trail Fjordruta is operated by KNT, and has a number of hikes that are accessible from Vinjeøra: Storlisetra, Sollia, and Storfiskhytta. The lake Vasslivatnet is located about east of Vinjeøra. Mount Ruten, the highest peak in Hemne, stands southeast of the village. Vinje Church is located in the village of Vinjeøra.