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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vined \Vined\, a. Having leaves like those of the vine; ornamented with vine leaves. ``Vined and figured columns.''
--Sir H. Wotton.


a. Having leaf like those of the vine; ornamented with vine leaves.

Usage examples of "vined".

The blond leg was pulled in, the car door was slammedwas re-slammedand driver Haze at the violent wheel, rubber-red lips writhing in angry, inaudible speech, swung my darling away, while unnoticed by them or Louise, old Miss Opposite, an invalid, feebly but rhythmically waved from her vined verandah.

No Miss Opposite sat on the vined porchwhere to the lone pedestrian’s annoyance two pony-tailed young women in identical polka-dotted pinafores stopped doing whatever they were doing to stare at him: she was long dead, no doubt, these might be her twin nieces from Philadelphia.

Ada remembered her uneasy laughter that evening as they sat on the vined terrace, champagne in hand, when he had asked such an absurd question in such serious tones.

Most of the visible buttes supported crowns of trees, heavily vined, but the area adjacent to the octagon had been cleared several meters on all sides and covered with a concrete which, to be sure, was now cracking as the more tenacious vines reclaimed their customary dominion.