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Villalobos (Spain)

Villalobos is a municipality located in the province of Zamora, Castile and León, Spain.

According to the 2004 census ( INE), the municipality has a population of 295 inhabitants.

The surname Villalobos originates from this town.

The name literally means "City of Wolves". "Village of the Wolves"

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Villalobos (surname)

Villalobos is a Spanish surname (meaning town of wolves) and common in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Italy

A person from Villalobos, Villalobos is a city in the province of Zamora in Spain which derives its name from Spanish villa "town", lobo "wolf". The element VILLE was used for someone who lived in a village, as opposed to an isolated farmhouse or in the town. The word was later used of a group of houses forming a settlement. Surnames derived from place-names are divided into two broad categories; topographic names and habitation names. Topographic names are derived from general descriptive references to someone who lived near a physical feature such as an oak tree, a hill, a stream or a church. Habitation names are derived from pre-existing names denoting towns, villages and farmsteads. Other classes of local names include those derived from the names of rivers, individual houses with signs on them, regions and whole countries. In the 8th century, Spain fell under the control of the Moors, and this influence, which lasted into the 12th century, has also left its mark on Hispanic surnames. A few names are based directly on Arabic personal names. The majority of Spanish occupational and nickname surnames, however, are based on ordinary Spanish derivatives. In Spain identifying patronymics are to be found as early as the mid-9th century, but these changed with each generation, and hereditary surnames seem to have come in slightly later in Spain than in England and France. As well as the names of the traditional major saints of the Christian Church, many of the most common Spanish surnames are derived from personal names of Germanic origin. For the most part these names are characteristically Hispanic. They derive from the language of the Visigoths, who controlled Spain between the mid-5th and early 8th centuries.

  • Mauricio Villalobos, Chilean Born Spanish Broadway Actor
  • Vega de Villalobos, Town of Spain
  • Villalobos, Town of Spain
  • Heitor Villa-Lobos, a Brazilian classical composer
  • Carmen Villalobos, Colombian actress
  • Francisco Lopez de Villalobos, Jewish doctor, humanist, translator and Spanish writer of the Renaissance
  • Francisco Villalobos, Actor, priest in "Giant" with Liz Taylor and James Dean, the priest in "The Fly"
  • Araceli "Sally" Villalobos, granddaughter of Francisco Villalobos, BioChemist, Los Angeles cosmetic formulator and manufacturer.
  • Rebecca Villalobos, date with Baseball player David Justice
  • Ricardo Villalobos, Chilean-German electronic music producer and DJ
  • Celia Villalobos, Spanish politician
  • Joshua Villalobos, Puerto Rican Midfielder
  • Osmariel Villalobos, Venezuelan model, actress, and hostess
  • Ruy López de Villalobos, Spanish explorer named the Philippines after king Philip II of Spain
  • Joaquín Villalobos, Salvadoran politician
  • Lolo Villalobos, Cuban politician
  • Manuel Villalobos, Chilean footballer
  • Benji Villalobos, Salvadoran footballer
  • Desiree Elyda Villalobos, Canadian model and actress
  • Saul Villalobos, Mexican footballer
  • Enrique Villalobos, Spanish basketball player
  • Juan Henríquez de Villalobos, Spanish soldier and administrator who, after participation in various European wars, was designated as governor of Chile by Mariana of Austria
  • Horacio Villalobos, Mexican TV host, actor, model
  • Sergio Villalobos, Chilean historian
  • Villalobos Rescue Center, rehabilitation and placement facility for abused and abandoned Pit Bulls in California
  • Yadhira Carrillo Villalobos, Mexican actress and former beauty queen
  • Carlos Villalobos, American composer and studio musician
  • Pablo Villalobos, Spanish long-distance runner
  • Guadalupe Villalobos Vélez, Mexican film actress
  • J. Alex Villalobos, Cuban-American Republican member of the Florida Senate
  • Carlos Méndez Villalobos, Mexican writer of poetry, short stories and novels
  • Román Arrieta Villalobos, Costa Rican Roman Catholic Archbishop
  • José Ángel Córdova Villalobos, Mexican politician
  • Oscar Chavez Villalobos, Mexican politician
  • Nelson Villalobo Ferrer, Cuban artist
  • Jacobo Villalobos Reyes, Mexican Army and father of Guadalupe Villalobos Vélez
  • Vernor Muñoz Villalobos, Costa Rican lawyer, educator and philosopher
  • Annette Villalobos, French actress
  • Emely Villalobos, American Model, Actress and Singer on MTV
  • Ligiah Villalobos, Mexican-American film Producer La Misma Luna
  • Francisco Villalobos, British actor
  • David Villalobos, Actor
  • Martin Armando Villalobos, Chilean wealthy
  • Rebeca Villalobos, Costa Rican founder of ASEMBIS health clinic
  • Omar Villalobos
  • Victor Hugo Villalobos, U.S Marine and U.S Army Infantryman served multiple tour in GWOT/OIF, Mexico
  • Miguel Villalobos, Photographer
  • Alfred J.R. Villalobos, a former board member at the California Public Employees' Retirement System
  • Horacio Villalobos, Argentine Photographer
  • Reynaldo Villalobos, is a director for the re-imagined series of Battlestar Galactica, Sacrifice, and

Many films

  • Esmeralda Villalobos, fictional character created by Quentin Tarantino in the film Pulp Fiction
  • Colégio Villalobos, Villalobos College in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Alfonso Fernando Villalobos, Chilean born Artist

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Villalobos may refer to

  • Villalobos (Spain), a municipality located in the province of Zamora
  • Villalobos (surname), a Spanish surname
  • Villalobos River, a river of Guatemala
  • Villalobos Brothers, a Mexican band
  • USS Villalobos (PG-42), a steel screw gunboat originally built for the Spanish Navy
  • Ricardo Villalobos, a Chilean-German techno dj