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Vilhena is the easternmost municipality in the Brazilian state of Rondônia. Its population was 77,937 (IBGE-2011) and its area is 11,519 km². It is the fifth-largest city in Rondônia and has the best HDI in the state (0,771 - UNDP/2000). According to IBGE-2008, Vilhena also had a GDP of R$1,109,445,514 (approximately US$700 million), which represented a GDP per capita of R$16,218.18 (around US$10,000,00)

Vilhena (disambiguation)

Vilhena is a municipality in Rondônia, Brazil. It may also refer to:

  • Vilhena Esporte Clube, a football club in Vilhena, Brazil
  • Vilhena Airport, an airport in Vilhena, Brazil
  • Macasinia vilhena, a moth found in Rondônia, Brazil