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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vild \Vild\, a. [As if the p. p. of a verb to vile. See Vile, a.] Vile. [Obs.] ``That vild race.''
--Spenser. -- Vild"ly, adv. [Obs.]


a. (context obsolete English) vile

Usage examples of "vild".

In any part of the Vild even along the pathways well mapped and well known at any moment the spacetime distortions of an exploding star might fracture a pathway into a thousand individual decomposition strands thereby destroying any ship so unfortunate as to be caught in the wrong strand.

Peggy vilt me levend als ik het doe, maar als ik het niet doe krijg ik de Japanners op mijn dak, dus ik kan geen kant op.

And there were old sects, too: Friends of God off Simoom, and ancient Maggids chanting their histories of what they called the first Diaspora, as well as the ever-present autists, harijan, hibakusha and refugees from the stars of the Vild.

Out toward the Vild, where the stars burned so brilliantly they were sick with light, in each second of time, a million human beings cried out and died.

But then, just as he was leisurely defining the homomorphism, phi, the branch of the tree holding up his lightship suddenly snapped this is how it seemed and he was hurled into a rare and quite deadly torison space, of a kind that Lord Ricardo Lavi had once discovered on one of the first journeys toward the Vild.

Two days after my elevation, on eighty-fifth day, a day of cold, mashy snow and deep irony, Leopold Soli returned from the Vild.

To Vesper and Darghin, and on, to the Takeko Double and to Abrath Luz where she burned hot and blue and bright, and further on to the stars which have no names, the doomed and lost stars of the Vild.

There was something eerie in holding a conclave in this way, here, in the black deeps of the Vild, perhaps six hundred trillion miles from any other human being.

There, in the deeps of the Vild, out in the light-distances, there were fields of brilliant stars.

It would be the grandest party ever held on Farfara, and the merchants who ruled that ancient planet spared no trouble or expense in creating an air of magnificence to match the magnificent hubris of the men and women who dared to enter the Vild.

They journeyed to Nwarth and Alumit and Farfara, but no Merchant-Pilot would ever think of taking a lightship into the Vild.

He glanced over at the ghostly flames flickering in the fireplace, and he remembered how Sivan in his lightship had followed him from Farfara into the Vild.

A single pilot guided each lightship, and together the pilots of Vild Mission would lead the seedships and deepships across the stars.

No one could know how a few thousand pilots and professionals in their fragile ships might cool the fury of the Vild, and so the peoples of the Civilized Worlds gathered on their star-flung planets to hope and wonder and pray.

Farfara while he sent pilots into the Vild to make mappings and find a planet on which they might make a new home.