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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Viewless \View"less\, a. Not perceivable by the eye; invisible; unseen. ``Viewless winds.''

Swift through the valves the visionary fair Repassed, and viewless mixed with common air.


a. 1 Without a view. 2 (context poetic English) invisible; unseen


adj. not having or expressing opinions or views

Usage examples of "viewless".

And over me a mystic robe was thrown, By viewless hands, and a bright Star did glow Before my steps--the Snake then met his mortal foe.

For the very spirit fails, Driven like a homeless cloud from steep to steep That vanishes among the viewless gales!

The viewless and invisible Consequence Watches thy goings-out, and comings-in, And.

My form upborne by viewless aether rode, And spurned the lessening realms of earthly night.

Some fairy sure has touched the viewless string-- Now faint in distant air the murmurs die.

Wordsworth, and of the viewless history of the book carried by the poet from circulating in Bath to quiet rural Rydal Mount, and now having wandered over to New England.

Since she did thus part with them, we thank her, and are content that by very strange combinations of circumstances, blending the visible and invisible together, those books, viewless in her library, are now apparent in our own.

The viewless wind comes roaring out of the black region of the East, it fills the high heaven, it roars on to the uttermost undulation of the atmosphere, and we are a part of it!

I next looked at the blank wooden door in the middle of which was a dark grille, and panic swept over me, the panic of being enclosed in a viewless space.

On the upper margin of the opening, the viewless influence had piled tree on tree, in such a manner as had not only enabled the two males of the party to ascend to an elevation of some thirty feet above the level of the earth, but, with a little care and encouragement, to induce their more timid companions to accompany them.

And when the soul has paid a visit to Love, perhaps it was no more than briefly in a doorway, then a baby, marriage lines, a dreary flat in a viewless street, bills sweat, lust with clipped wings and a woman who quickly becomes the bane of life, a deadly boring woman.

Human hearts to me shall be Viewless violets in the grass, And as I pass, Odours and sweet imagery Will wait on mine and gladden me!

In South Street he hears the roll and rattle of the viewless carriage which sounds in that thoroughfare.

O thought illimitable and infinite heart Whose blood is life in limbs indissolute That all keep heartless thine invisible part And inextirpable thy viewless root Whence all sweet shafts of green and each thy dart Of sharpening leaf and bud resundering shoot.

Lower yet, my senses wander, And my spirit seems to roll With the tide of swift Scamander Rushing to a viewless goal.