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Usage examples of "vietminh".

October of 1946, the French bombarded Haiphong, a port in northern Vietnam, and there began the eight-year war between the Vietminh movement and the French over who would rule Vietnam.

The general idea was to attract large numbers of Vietminh troops to a point where they could be destroyed by superior fire power.

French Command is certain of inflicting a severe defeat upon the Vietminh at Dienbienphu.

Was very quick to go over to the right way of thinking when the Vietminh told him to, because, you see, he owed nothing to the French.

Long ago, the revolutionary Vietminh commander had given his word to her father that he would leave the Villard plantation alone.

My father refused to take sides in the Vietminh situation when Vietnam was a French colony.

Villards managed to do it when the French colonials were fighting the Vietminh in the fifties.

When the Vietminh rose up against the French, my father was enough of a diplomat to keep all sides from destroying his plantation.

It was agreed that the French would temporarily withdraw into the southern part of Vietnam, that the Vietminh would remain in the north, and that an election would take place in two years in a unified Vietnam to enable the Vietnamese to choose their own government.

Diem again and again blocked the elections requested by the Vietminh, and with American money and arms his government became more and more firmly established.

Capa had been killed on May 25, 1954, when he had stepped on a Vietminh antipersonnel mine on a small, grassy slope above a dike, five kilometers outside Dongquithon in Indochina, during the French Indochina war.

He formed the Vietminh resistance army and the Viets went back to the jungle to fight on.

Ho Chi Minh and the communist Vietminh resistance movement simply absorbed all other movements.

In an agrarian society where the average person slept under a roof made of indigenous plants, on a floor made of indigenous dirt, the French had somehow convinced the population in dozens, perhaps hundreds of backward villages to build a cathedral-like concrete church, with a spire that reached in crumbly gray majesty to the sky, until the Vietminh or the Vietcong or a seasonal storm tumbled the spire down onto the main body of the church, turning it into another ruined recent relic for DeMudge to spew and sputter over.

Two days later Vietminh currency was worth half the value prior to the leaflets.