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Vien (Hasidic community)

Vien is an American Haredi Kehilla (community) originating in present-day Vienna. The name of their congregation is "Kehal Adas Yereim Vien" (translation: Congregation of the Reverent, Vienna).

Kehal Adas Yereim Vien was formally established on Sunday, May 25, 1941 by Klonumos Karl Richter. It traces its origins from a congregation of devout Oberlander non- hasidic Jews who had moved from Burgenland, Austria (primarily from the "Sheva Kehillos"), Slovakia and Hungary ('The Oberland') to Vienna (headquartering itself in the renowned Schiffschul) and then on to Williamsburg under the leadership of Rabbi Yonasan Steif.


Vien may refer to:

  • Vien (name)
  • Vien (Hasidic community)
  • Vien (Rabbinical dynasty)
Vien (name)

Vien is a surname of French origin, as well as another spelling of the Vietnamese given name Viên (which often finds use alone following a title and thus appearing to English speakers to be a surname).

Those bearing the surname include:

  • Joseph-Marie Vien (1716 – 1809), French painter
  • Thomas Vien (1881–1972), Canadian politician
  • Jacques Vien (born 1932), Canadian politician
  • Dominique Vien (born 1967), Canadian politician
  • Thomas Vien (born 1989), aspiring Australian-Vietnamese general surgeon

Those bearing the given name include:

  • Cao Văn Viên (1921–2008), Vietnamese General
  • Linh Quang Viên (born 1918), Vietnamese Lieutenant General
Vien (Rabbinical dynasty)

Vien is a Rabbinical hasidic dynasty originating in present-day Vienna. The current rav of Vien is Rav Chaim Z. Hersh Zegelbaum of Brooklyn, New York, a descendant of Rav Menachem Mendel Stern (1759–1834) of Sighet, author of Derech Emunah.