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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Paris and Milan vie with each other for the title of world fashion capital.
▪ As the vultures vie for space, the ravens cling to the edges.
▪ Cities vied with each other to build more beautiful towers.
▪ He vies with Alexander in polls.
▪ Newly powerful pollsters and image makers vie to present their candidate as trustworthy and the opposition as a threat.
▪ No new politician has come to the fore, so others vie to fill the vacuum.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vie \Vie\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Vied; p. pr. & vb. n. Vying.] [OE. vien, shortened fr. envien, OF. envier to invite, to challenge, a word used in gambling, L. invitare to invite; of uncertain origin. Cf. Invite, Envie.]

  1. To stake a sum upon a hand of cards, as in the old game of gleek. See Revie. [Obs.]

  2. To strive for superiority; to contend; to use emulous effort, as in a race, contest, or competition.

    In a trading nation, the younger sons may be placed in such a way of life as . . . to vie with the best of their family.

    While Waterloo with Cann[ae]'s carnage vies.


Vie \Vie\, v. t.

  1. To stake; to wager. [Obs.]
    --B. Jonson.

  2. To do or produce in emulation, competition, or rivalry; to put in competition; to bandy. [Obs.]

    She hung about my neck; and kiss on kiss She vied so fast.

    Nor was he set over us to vie wisdom with his Parliament, but to be guided by them.

    And vying malice with my gentleness, Pick quarrels with their only happiness.


Vie \Vie\, n. A contest for superiority; competition; rivalry; strife; also, a challenge; a wager. [Obs.]

We 'll all to church together instantly, And then a vie for boys.
--J. Fletcher.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1560s, "to bet, make a bet," (literally "make a vie, the noun attested from 1530s in cards), especially in card-playing, "to wager the value of one's hand against an opponent's," shortened form of Middle English envie "make a challenge," from Old French envier "compete (against), provoke; invite, summon, subpoena;" in gambling, "put down a stake, up the bet;" from Latin invitare "to invite," also "to summon, challenge" (see invitation). Sense of "to contend (with) in rivalry" in English is from 1560s; that of "to contend, compete, strive for superiority" is from c.1600.


vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To rival; to struggle for superiority; to contend; to compete eagerly so as to gain something. 2 (context transitive archaic English) To rival (something), etc. 3 (context transitive English) To do or produce in emulation, competition, or rivalry; to put in competition; to bandy. 4 To stake; to wager. 5 To stake a sum of money upon a hand of cards, as in the old game of gleek. See (term revie English).

  1. v. compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others [syn: compete, contend]

  2. [also: vying]


Vie (IPA: /'vi.e/), is a district (or quarter), of Oradea, a city in Bihor, Romania. The name means vineyard in Romanian.

Vie (disambiguation)

Vie is a district of Oradea, a city in Romania.

VIE may refer to:

  • Vie (river), a river in western France
  • Vance Integral Edition, the complete works of author Jack Vance.
  • Variable Interest Entity
  • Vacuum Insulated Evaporator
  • Vienna International Airport as coded according to the IATA standard.
  • Vietnamese language as coded according to ISO 639-2 standard
  • Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Vie (letter)

Vie (asomtavruli , nuskhuri , mkhedruli ჳ) is the 22nd letter of the three Georgian scripts.

In the system of Georgian numerals it has a value of 400. Now obsolete in Georgian language.

Vie (river)

The Vie is an long river in the department of Vendée, western France. Its source is near the town Belleville-sur-Vie. It flows generally west. It discharges into the Atlantic Ocean in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie.

Usage examples of "vie".

My correspondence took an hour or so, for I had few letters to answer that day, and I passed the rest of the morning at work with my book on the history of the algebraic method, writing with great ease those passages wherein I demonstrated with unchallengeable proofs the fraudulent claims of Vieta, all of whose inventions were, in fact, conceived some thirty years previously by Mr.

Vieta in France first applied letters as general symbols of quantity, though the earlier algebraists used them occasionally, chiefly as abbreviations.

Because of this, the two primary Circum-love superpowers-the Demarchy, which controlled Europa and lo, and Gilgamesh Isis, which controlled Ganymede, and parts of Callisto-were vying for dominance.

Romains et des Franks, est une reconstitution historique pleine de relief et de vie.

Much of the merchandise in the shops is generic dotcom trash, vying for the title of Japanese-Scottish souvenir-from-hell: Puroland tartans, animatronic Nessies hissing bad-temperedly at knee level, second-hand schleptops.

And beyond the arch of the Rive Alto, a tumult of activity was beginning on the waterways, gilded bissone belonging to Stregazzan supporters vying for position with ships of the Serenissiman navy.

Indeed other sovereigns seem to vie with him by taking his name and even by disguising it.

Then the syndic and I vied with each other in paying her compliments, telling her that we hoped to be her brothers.

Tous les jours, je rencontrais allant et venant par les rues, des gens qui me semblaient occupes a une sorte de jeu tres complique et tres amusant: le jeu de la vie.

Johnny and I reminisced for a while over our drinks, and by the time Vie brought him his second Ketel One martini, Joey was ready to take our dinner order.

I reminisced for a while over our drinks, and by the time Vie brought him his second Ketel One martini, Joey was ready to take our dinner order.

The Junoesque, pallid Snow Leopardess, the fiery Gabrielle deCourteney and now the doe-eyed Duskwind vied for attention to the delightful point that he no longer knew where to look next.

They had fed him mincemeat pastries and filled him up with ale and their songs, vying for his attention.

Voila pourquoi je suis heureux de vous voir renoncer des maintenant a vos anciennes habitudes pour en prendre de nouvelles qui, seules, peuvent, dans un avenir, je ne dis pas immediat, mais prochain au moins, vous donner la vie qui convient a un duc de Naurouse, et que personne ne vous souhaite plus sincerement que moi, croyez-le.

Barizel, sur moi, sur notre vie en Amerique, sur nos proprietes, sur Corysandre, surtout sur Corysandre.