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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1858, colloquial abbreviation of Royal Victoria Theater in London.


Vič is a former village in the western part of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It was part of the traditional region of Upper Carniola and is now included with the rest of the municipality in the Central Slovenia Statistical Region.

Vic (name)

Vic is short for Victor. It may refer to:

  • Vic Aldridge (1893–1973), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Vic Bellamy (born 1963), American football player
  • Vic Chesnutt (1964–2009), American singer-songwriter
  • Vic Chou, Taiwanese actor, singer and commercial model
  • Vic Damone (born 1928), American singer and entertainer
  • Vic Davalillo (born 1936), Venezuelan baseball player
  • Vic Dhillon (born 1969), Canadian politician
  • Vic Dickenson (1906–1984), African-American jazz trombonist
  • Vic Duggan (1910–2007), Speedway racer who won the London Riders' Championship in 1947
  • Vic Elford (born 1935), former English sportscar racing, rallying and Formula One driver
  • Vic Godard, British singer-songwriter formerly of the punk group Subway Sect
  • Vic Grimes (born 1963), American professional wrestler
  • Vic Howe (Born 1929), professional ice hockey player
  • Vic Janowicz (1930–1996), American college and National Football League halfback, member of the College Football Hall of Fame
  • Vic Kulbitski (1921–1998), American football player
  • Vic Lee (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Vic Lewis (1919–2009), British jazz guitarist and bandleader
  • Vic Maile (1943–1989), British record producer
  • Vic Mignogna (born 1962), American voice actor and musician
  • Vic Mizzy (1916–2009), American composer
  • Vic Morrow (1929—1982), American actor
  • Vic Perrin (1916–1989), American actor and voice artist
  • Vic Peters (1955–2016), Canadian curler
  • Vic Raschi (1919–1988), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Vic Reeves (born 1959), English comedian
  • Vic Ross (1900–74), American lacrosse player
  • Vic Rouse (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Vic Ruggiero, musician, songwriter and producer from New York City
  • Vic Seixas (born 1923), American former tennis player
  • Vic Snyder (born 1947), American politician from the U.S. state of Arkansas
  • Vic Stasiuk (born 1929), Canadian retired professional ice hockey left winger
  • Vic Stelly (born 1941), retired businessman from Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Vic Stollmeyer (1916–1999), West Indian cricketer
  • Vic Tayback (1930–1990), American actor
  • Vic Toews (born 1952), Canadian politician
  • Vic Wunderle (born 1976), archer from the United States
Vic (film)

Vic is a 2006 American short film drama. It is the directorial debut of Sage Stallone, son of Sylvester Stallone. The film stars Clu Gulager, Tom Gulager and Miriam Byrd-Nethery with cameos by Carol Lynley, John LaZar, and John Phillip Law. Sage Stallone won the 2006 Boston Film Festival “Best New Filmmaker” award for this film. The film had its world premiere at the 2006 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, where the cast and filmmakers were in attendance.

Usage examples of "vic".

I rang Ross Chaffee and I rang Jerry Aland, but neither of them answered, so I rang Vic Talento.

Vic and Ronnie North beat up the price of a weedy four-year-old hurdler to twice the figure his form suggested.

The Shadow presumed that it was Juke, back from his useless trailing of Vic Marquette.

GLUMLY, Vic Marquette surveyed the sprawled body of Juke, which was quite as dead as two others that the crooks had left on the field.

As the truck swung the corner, Vic Marquette spied the vehicle that The Shadow had seen earlier.

Fat drops of rain are smacking down harder and faster, sheeting on the unwaxed hood of the Crown Vic.

Vic Todd - Victor Blane Bob Dorry - Johnny Brokaw Cary Cummings - Director Danny Depper - agent.

Facts so useful that he could let Joe Cardona and Vic Marquette worry about Amos Marle, for the present.

Plainclothesmen Vic Redford and Jake Hadman abandoned here last week may lead to the identity of the killers, Chief of Detectives Musser revealed here today.

Dwight turned his attention to Billy Partin, Vic Lincoln, and Neal Cutler, the other three carpenters.

CHAPTER IX MARQUETTE REPORTS ON the evening following the affray on the Virginia speedway, Vic Marquette appeared in the lobby of the Hotel Starlett.

Vic intended to ride to the subtreasury in the armored truck, along with the crew.

As Vic pulled open the door, I looked back one last time, over my shoulder, hoping to see Triolet in the doorway to the kitchen, but she was not there.

Vic would no doubt be collecting a sizable kickback from the seller, along with the commission from his client, and Ronnie North looked expansively pleased both with his status as underbidder for this one horse and with life in general.

Miller allowed Vic to bring an unfrosted, special Asian ingredient carrot cake to the patient.