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Vey is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Gary Vey, Canadian politician
  • Lana Vey (born 1984), Canadian curler
  • Linden Vey (born 1991), Canadian ice hockey player
  • P. C. Vey, American cartoonist

Usage examples of "vey".

Dey certainly haf deh lambs lined up right now for any vey dey vont to twist id.

Even the wax candles that lit the stairwell shone from scrubbed calf craniums, giving Sarga Veys the feeling he was being watched by the spirits of long-dead grasseaters as he made his escape.

Holding his white robe above the stair level so it didn't catch dust from the floor, Veys mounted the inn's main staircase and headed for his private chamber.

Even Penthero Iss, magic user and Surlord of Spire Vanis, could not better Sarga Veys when it came to drawing power.

It was such an attractive church, not old, but vey beautifully decorated, six candles on the altar, Reservation in the Lady Chapel, and an excellent heating apparatus which burned coke in a little shed by the sacristy door, no graveyard, just a hedge of golden privet between the church and the rectory.

Conveniently, the clinic has maintained my delicate condition entre nous and sub rosa and no doubt oy vey iz mir, but I still fear someone will discover me.

Veys trailed a finger over the bleached silk-rag paper, tracing the course of Ille Glaive's northern road.

I sent them to Duff's Stovehouse to see if the stovemaster had given ale or warmth to Sarga Veys.

Sarga Veys rode in the middle, his pale and unprotected head rising from the leather plumage of the Rive Watch cloak like something already dead.