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Vette may refer to:

  • Chevrolet Corvette, a sports car manufactured by GM since 1953
  • Chevrolet Chevette, a subcompact car manufactured by GM for model years 1976-1987
  • Vette!, a 1989 racing video game
  • Vette Hundred, a hundred of Sweden
  • Vicky Vette (born 1965), Norwegian pornographic actress
  • Vette (Star Wars), a character in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Usage examples of "vette".

He expertly whipped the Vette into a parking place that a Volkswagen Bug had just vacated.

At any rate, Ryan hoped, his car would be out of sight before the Firebird topped the hill and Denny realized the Vette had made a turn.

With the last bit of oomph the Vette had, Ryan drove off the road and into the dense vegetation, hoping to hide the car.

He was pushing so hard on the brakes to slow the big Vette that he was accidentally pulling up on the steering wheel for leverage.

Cross-traffic rolled past, and Tyrone was so much in his own head that he almost missed the Vette when it zipped across the intersection.

Gridley glanced at the restaurant, and saw the Vette parked next to the building.

Gridley put out the code, the fake tags on the Vette, and a description of the vehicle and persona.

He looked at the Vette as it pulled out of the lot and onto the highway.

We knew there was something in the garage because Anthony never parked his fancy new Vette in the garage.

As Travis nosed the Vette out of the parking space Erin leaned back in the comfortable leather seat.

The Vette responded like the little beauty she was and swerved around the massive oak.

On a night like tonight, he liked nothing better than to roll out-the Vette, stick a good blues tape in the cassette player and find a long, straight stretch of empty highway, then raise it to the limit.