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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ She remembered the vetch, clover, wild roses, flowering grasses and blackberry flowers of early July.
▪ The wild strawberries, the wiry grasses, the black fruit of the vetches on the banks were all dear presences.
▪ You notice the design of scabious and vetch and orchids - with the insects that depend on them?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Vetch \Vetch\, n. [Also fitch; OE. ficche, feche, for veche, OF. veche, vecce, vesche, vesce, F. vesce, fr. L. vicia.] (Bot.) Any leguminous plant of the genus Vicia, some species of which are valuable for fodder. The common species is Vicia sativa.

Note: The name is also applied to many other leguminous plants of different genera; as the chichling vetch, of the genus Lathyrus; the horse vetch, of the genus Hippocrepis; the kidney vetch ( Anthyllis vulneraria); the milk vetch, of the genus Astragalus; the licorice vetch, or wild licorice ( Abrus precatorius).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

climbing herb, late 14c., from Old North French veche, variant of Old French vece, from Latin vicia, which perhaps is related to vincire "to bind" (compare second element of periwinkle (n.1)). Dutch wikke, German Wicke are loan-words from Latin vicia.


n. 1 Any of several leguminous plants, of the genus ''Vicia'', often grown as green manure and for their edible seeds. 2 Any of several similar plants within the subfamily Faboideae.


n. any of various climbing plants of the genus Vicia having pinnately compound leaves that terminate in tendrils and small variously colored flowers; includes valuable forage and soil-building plants


Usage examples of "vetch".

Kashet, and had left it under the awning where Vetch kept his few belongings.

It was Baken, not Vetch and Fisk, who weeded out the unsuitable boys from the ones that would take proper care of their dragonets.

But if Vetch was any judge, that was absolutely the last thing that Baken wanted.

Vetch noted without surprise that Baken wore a hawk-eye talisman made, not of the usual pottery, but one like Haraket sported, cast from silver and inlaid with enamel.

Instead, it accepted their presence and eventually was relatively relaxed as first Baken, then Vetch handled it.

As Baken stood back from his handiwork, Vetch strode across the sand with confidence and calm, both of which were going to be very important to keep the youngster from feeling uneasy as he approached.

And now, thanks to Baken, Vetch knew how to train Avatre without having to ask Ari.

Sometimes, it was when Vetch moved a little too quickly, once, when Baken accidentally pinched a fold of skin while harnessing him.

So Vetch had to blunder through on his own, with common sense, what he learned from Baken, and what he overheard from the trainers.

Vetch oiled and buffed her morning and evening now, not only to keep her from itching too much, but to keep her skin supple and prevent it from tearing as she grew.

Vetch purloined some soft cloths and a jar of oil from the buffing pens to keep her skin soft and supple while she grew.

Thither the extremely large wains bring foison of the fields, flaskets of cauliflowers, floats of spinach, pineapple chunks, Rangoon beans, strikes of tomatoes, drums of figs, drills of Swedes, spherical potatoes and tallies of iridescent kale, York and Savoy, and trays of onions, pearls of the earth, and punnets of mushrooms and custard marrows and fat vetches and bere and rape and red green yellow brown russet sweet big bitter ripe pomellated apples and chips of strawberries and sieves of gooseberries, pulpy and pelurious, and strawberries fit for princes and raspberries from their canes.

Jasper took Ged to sit with a heavyset fellow called Vetch, who said nothing much but shovelled in his food with a will.

The Jouster finished his drink and dumped the rest of the bucket of water over his head without even bothering to take off his helmet, and the anger awoke again, at the wanton wastage of what had taken Vetch so long to haul.

The most he had hoped for was that Khefti would be too embarrassed to beat him in front of the Jouster, which would give Vetch a chance to explain himself.