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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ If they are still eating, try obtaining a medicated flake from your local vet.
▪ Several organisations will do this, or perhaps your local vet will help.
▪ He had the skull in a plastic bag ready to consult Dave Smith, the local vet, when his shift ended.
▪ With the patience and advice from my local vet we set up a recovery programme.
▪ The local vet arrived at the farm to examine the carcases.
▪ You must then know how to cope with the trouble and judge whether to act on your own or call the vet.
▪ She radioed down to her senior keeper who called the vet.
▪ I recently took Millie to her vet.
▪ Rescued by human teens and taken to the vet, Keelk recovers and begs for help to rescue her family.
▪ We took Ben to the vet and he was given a course of antibiotics, which seemed to do the trick.
▪ The injured animal was later taken to a vet for treatment.
▪ We dread having to take her to the vets for her nails to be cut.
▪ If he's sick, I treat him, and take him to the vet if he's real bad.
▪ Could you call the vet and ask him to come to the farm? I'd like him to have a look at one of the horses.
▪ Gina has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a little girl.
▪ Jane's taking her kitten to the vet on Friday.
▪ And still the vet did not come.
▪ But vets say the public is unaware of just how dangerous the virus can be.
▪ But no, this chap isn't a vet.
▪ He announced the results of a survey of 400 vets working in 600 slaughterhouses which found the average hourly rate was £25.70.
▪ Holly Thomas has wanted to be a vet since she was four years old.
▪ I will send for a vet tomorrow.
▪ Mind you, I expect they're already fixed up with a vet.
▪ Some techniques used in marketing to physicians work especially well on vets.
▪ Tanner had already been vetted and confirmed for his job at the CIA.
▪ He vets every script and is checking-out scripts for the new series at the moment.
▪ High schools are paid for by the prefecture, but their curriculum is vetted by the capital.
▪ Hughes called on ministers to vet the new gospel play for him.
▪ I also spent about three months vetting requests for enquiries.
▪ It called on ministers to set up a firearms control board which would vet all applicants before issuing a guns licence.
▪ No, but there's a careful vetting procedure-psychometric tests and interviews, and informal references are checked.
▪ The Home Office says all staff will be strictly vetted.
▪ This reveals that more than 70 investment schemes vet companies on ethical and/or environmental grounds.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1862, shortened form of veterinarian.


"to submit (an animal) to veterinary care," 1891, from veterinarian. The colloquial sense of "subject (something) to careful examination" (as of an animal by a veterinarian, especially of a horse before a race) is attested by 1901. Related: Vetted; vetting.


1848, shortened form of veteran (n.).


Etymology 1 n. (context colloquial English) A veterinarian or veterinary surgeon. Etymology 2

n. (context colloquial US English) A veteran (a former soldier or other member of an armed forces). Etymology 3

vb. To thoroughly check or investigate particularly with regard to providing formal approval.

  1. n. a doctor who practices veterinary medicine [syn: veterinarian, veterinary, veterinary surgeon]

  2. a person who has served in the armed forces [syn: veteran, ex-serviceman]

  3. [also: vetting, vetted]

  1. v. work as a veterinarian; "She vetted for the farms in the area for many years"

  2. examine carefully; "Someone should vet this report before it goes out"

  3. provide (a person) with medical care

  4. provide veterinary care for

  5. [also: vetting, vetted]


Vet, VET or the Vet may refer to:

  • Veterinary physician, a professional who treats disease, disorder and injury in animals
  • Veterinary medicine, the branch of science that deals with animals
  • Veteran, a person with long experience in a particular area, most often in military service during wartime
  • Veterans Stadium, informally "The Vet", a sports stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Vet River, South Africa
  • Finnish Board of Film Classification (Finnish: ), an institution of the Finnish Ministry of Education
  • Venezuelan Standard Time, UTC-04:00 timezone
  • Vocational education and training, prepares trainees for jobs that are based on manual or practical activities
  • Sebastian Vettel, a German F1 driver

Usage examples of "vet".

The vet prescribed antibiotics and showed Linda how to clean the eye with a cotton ball and a solution of boric acid.

Keeping his eyes on the Way, Darr Veter stretched out his hand and turned a lever to point M, ensuring himself solitude for meditation.

The woman seated at the nearest desk raised her head and Darr Veter recognized the thick, widely separated eyebrows and the sweet, narrow face with its grey eyes.

Mven Mass laughed so heartily and frankly that Darr Veter could feel his liking for the man growing fast.

Veda Kong, at a sign from Darr Veter, stood before the screen on a gleaming round metal dais.

At a sign from Veda Kong, Darr Veter pressed a button and a huge globe rose up beside her.

Veda Kong turned away from the screen into which she had been staring as though hypnotized and cast an inquiring glance at Darr Veter.

The bronze gong sounded as Darr Veter turned over the lever that switched off the stream of transmitted energy.

They appeared and disappeared so quickly that even such trained observers as Junius Antus and Darr Veter had difficulty in following the meaning of them.

Veda Kong whispered to Darr Veter that she would never forget that night.

Veda Kong and Darr Veter were standing on the little round flying platform as it swept slowly over the endless steppes.

The shock absorbers took the shock and the recoil threw Veda Kong and Darr Veter out on to the hill-side where they landed in a clump of stiff bushes.

Veda, with a sly glint in her eyes, held her hand out to Darr Veter and lie lifted her out of the Lushes with an easy movement.

Veda lay down in the shade of a bush and Darr Veter began to study the causes of the mishap.

The finds in the Scythian grave mound were some-tiling that Darr Veter, too, would never forget.