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VES may refer to:

  • Video Entertainment System
  • Vieques Air Link (ICAO Code: VES)
  • Visual Effects Society
  • Virginia Episcopal School
  • Virtual Execution System
  • Voluntary Euthanasia Society
  • Vivekananda Educational Society

Usage examples of "ves".

She followed the Osterwaldweg, a grassy track that ran north from Quedlinhame and slanted east-northeast at the confluence of the Ailer and Urness Rivers, themselves tributaries of the Veser.

When Prince San-alant and Prince Bayan defeated Bulkezu at the Veser River, they freed me.

Now dense forest lay ahead, a good long day of it, so Ingo said, before they came to the Veser River Valley and its string of forts and fortified towns and villages.