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Verre or Verres may refer to:

  • Verre (restaurant), Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Valerio Verre (born 1994), Italian footballer
  • Verres (ca. 120 BC – 43 BC), a Roman magistrate, notorious for his misgovernment of Sicily
  • Verrès, town and comune in the Aosta Valley region of north-western Italy
  • Verres (genus), a genus of beetles in family Passalidae
Verre (restaurant)

Verre, also known as Gordon Ramsay at the Hilton Dubai Creek, was a restaurant operated by chef Gordon Ramsay which was located within the Hilton Dubai Creek. It was the first overseas restaurant to be opened by Ramsay, and was in operation for ten years between 2001 and 2011. It was a combined operation between Hilton and Ramsay, with the celebrity chef taking a percentage of the takings each month and Hilton drawing up staffing salaries and arranging the decor of the restaurant. These would both cause problems as Ramsay disliked the decor, and had to initially pay supplements to his staff to prevent them from leaving due to the lower wages paid by Hilton. Amongst the head chefs who worked at Verre, Angela Hartnett and Jason Atherton both went on to win Michelin stars upon their return to the UK. The restaurant was positively received by critics and was named the best restaurant in the Middle East in 2010.

Usage examples of "verre".

Though well provided by the lots with a quaestor in the person of Gaius Publicius Malleolus, the younger Dolabella insisted upon taking none other than Gaius Verres along as his senior legate.

No slouch, the senior legate Gaius Verres had assessed Malleolus accurately before the party had got as far as Tarentum, and cultivated the quaestor with such charm and winning ways that Malleolus deemed Verres the best of good fellows.

Since he liked Verres, it went hard with Malleolus to go to Dolabella and report what Verres had said, but he did his duty.

Dolabella and Malleolus, the latter now being steadily drawn into a corruption which Verres had already made irresistible to Dolabella.

Verres demanded paper and pen, wrote out the dispositions Gaius Publicius Malleolus dictated, and then assisted him to sign and seal.

Verres had put the militia on alert and stationed them around Pelorus, conserving his Roman troops for whatever shape a campaign might assume, and sure that Crassus would arrive hard on the heels of the Spartacani to take the brunt of the action.

Puis il haussa les epaules, comme pour secouer les soucis, et, tirant de dessous la table une bouteille et des verres, il nous versa du vin blanc.

Gaius Verres the obsessions and amoralities of the fanatical collector reached a height hitherto unknown.

Most of my readers know very well what a petit verre is, but there may be here and there a virtuous abstainer from alcoholic fluids, living among the bayberries and the sweet ferns, who is not aware that the words, as commonly used, signify a small glass--a very small glass--of spirit, commonly brandy, taken as a chasse-cafe, or coffee-chaser.

But Pamphylia lost the wonderful Harper of Aspendus and most of the contents of the temple of Artemis at Perge-here, deeming the statue of the goddess a poorly executed thing, Verres contented himself with stripping its coat of gold away and melting it down into nicely portable ingots.

You have probably heard that our mutual friend Gaius Verres succeeded in smarming up to the electorate and the lot officials so successfully that he is urban praetor.

Why did they insist upon turning what ought to have been a comedy with Verres the butt into a tragedy as great as anything Sophocles dreamed of?

Even Verres at that point in his career was not quite confident enough to foul his own nest by stealing from towns and temples in Cilicia itself.

Verres, during the time of his pretorship, had deprived Anius's daughter of the succession.