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Vermeersch is a Dutch toponymic surname most common in the Belgian province of West Flanders.1 It is a contraction of van der Meersch, where meersch (with the same root as "marsh") is a Flemish term for a floodplain.[] Notable people with the surname include:

  • Etienne Vermeersch (born 1934), Belgian philosopher
  • Hannah Vermeersch (born 1992), Australian rower
  • :de:Hans Vermeersch (born 1957), Belgian composer and conductor
  • Jeannette Vermeersch (1910–2001), French politician
  • Lowie Vermeersch (born 1974), Belgian designer
  • Niels Vermeersch (born 1988)
  • Paul Vermeersch (born 1973), Canadian poet
  • Peter Vermeersch (born 1959), Belgian musician and composer
  • Sem Vermeersch (born 1968), Belgian academic
  • Stephan Vermeersch, Belgian clarinettist and saxophonist
Van der Meersch
  • Anke Van dermeersch (born 1972), Belgian politician and former beauty queen
  • Jacob van der Meersch, Governor of Mauritius for the Dutch East India company from 1644-1648
  • Jean-André van der Meersch (1734–1792), Flemish general, leading figure in the Brabant Revolution
  • Maxence Van Der Meersch (1910–2001), French Flemish writer

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