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n. (plural of verge English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: verge)


Vergès as a personal name can refer to:

  • Jacques Vergès, French lawyer, well known for defending war criminals.
  • Paul Vergès, French (Reunionese) politician (communist party). Twin of Jacques Vergès.

Verges may refer to:

  • Bruno Verges (born 1975), rugby league player
  • Verges, Catalonia, Spain
  • Verges, Jura, France
  • Verges, a character in William Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing

Usage examples of "verges".

Those gunners who had no riding place on the guns or limbers were running down the verges in an undisciplined retreat.

Otherwise Christophe was dead and would cross the Verges long before I could get him home.

Celine told me of such souls, ones that longed so for life that they refused to cross the Verges and would turn on the Healer.

With all his being he desired to carry his memory of you beyond the Verges, and if I failed, he would be left with nothing.

It might be thought that the society of such a bad old man would have disgusted a young woman, but Euphemie Verges admitted him to intimacy.

The paved road ran between wide grass verges where two tethered cows and four goats grazed.

He cleared his throat, measured the distance to the enemy, saw how the handful of cavalry were already climb-ing into saddles and spreading on to the verges, and shouted the order.

Far to the convoy's rear the French infantry were hurrying down the verges, officers shouting.

Barrels and boxes were uncovered and thrown to the road's verges where the prisoners, shivering and terrified, sat under guard.

I will warn you that she is not pleased with your flighty conduct, which verges upon rank insubordination.

Headlights illuminated the lush verges, hundreds of people were milling around, some even settling down for midnight picnics by their vehicles.

If it takes the combined strength of the two most powerful cultures in the Confederation to liberate a mere two million people on a single small peninsula, then freeing an entire planet by such a method clearly verges on the impossible.

Her breathing gasped hoarsely between her flaccid lips, and her heart fluttered along the verges of extinction.

Staring brownly at his forehead while the heat and illumination of the blaze came into consonance with her attention, she passed beyond the verges of volition and became once more the vessel of her power.

The black trees leaned against each other as if they were rooted interminably in the first gray verges of spring.