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Verê is a municipality in the state of Paraná in the Southern Region of Brazil.

Usage examples of "vere".

Miss Vere, with the evidence of my friends who accompany me, too slight for my exculpation, I will be happy--most happy--to repel the charge, as becomes a man who counts his honour dearer than his life.

The names of those conservators were, the earls of Clare, Albemarle, Glocesteer, Winchester, Hereford, Roger Bigod, earl of Norfolk, Robert de Vere, earl of Oxford, William Mareschal the younger, Robert Fitz-Walter, Gilbert de Clare, Eustace de Vescey, Gilbert Delaval, William de Moubray, Geoffrey de Say, Roger de Mombezon, William de Huntingfield, Robert de Ros, the constable of Chester, William de Aubenie, Richard de Perci, William Malet, John Fitz-Robert, William de Lanvalay, Hugh de Bigod, and Roger de Montfichet.

Their health assured, Asper, Mirt, and Aleena vere thrust into chairs in the most distant corner of the room and sternly bidden to wait and not stir.

Tris had also said, mere unsuitability would not deter a man like Race de Vere.

Ze slenteren van de Witte naar Linke en van de Bordelaise naar de Bodega en altijd met dien lammen Vere.

Vere said with irritation, his thick brows furrowing in a decided frown.

Vroeger was ik ook in zorgen, eerst over mijn lieve papa, later over tante Vere, die ik in haar ziekte heb opgepast.

Ik heb je altijd mogen lijden, Vere, je bent een bliksems goede kerel, hoor je, Vere.

Paul kan het getuigen, ik heb verteld, Vere, dat je een hart van goud hadt.

Netherlands, save that Sir Francis Vere, with a small body of English infantry and cavalry, had stormed some formidable works the Spaniards had thrown up to prevent relief being given to Recklinghausen, which they were besieging.

Francis Vere, who had also scaled the ramparts, knew that cities captured by assaults had often been lost again by the soldiers scattering.

Vere and his officers leapt from their beds and rushed to the walls, and after a fierce struggle the besiegers were driven back.

In the first week in February they appeared in the Belgrave mansion, and Emily Lopez took possession of her new home with a heart as full of love for her husband as it had been when she walked out of the church in Vere Street, though it may be that some of her sweetest illusions had already been dispelled.

Weller, as they came out of the bankinghouse--'my son and me has a wery partickler engagement this arternoon, and I should like to have this here bis'ness settled out of hand, so let's jest go straight avay someveres, vere ve can hordit the accounts.

Jo-Beth cercò di respingerla, ma non aveva capito quali fos­sero le vere intenzioni di sua madre: non era vicino alla porta che intendeva andarsi a piazzare, bensì vicino alla figlia.